KRAUSER/BMW Saddlebag Latch Repair

I was tired of the saddlebags opening on me and I figured it should be possible to actually repair the latches and not have to rely on bungy cords.

Step one was to remove the latches by removing the rivet head with a 1/8 in. drill.

The rivet under the latch on the left could be easily removed.

The other rivet required removing the Release Lever to remove it,

The Roll Pin can be pushed out by drilling a 5/64 in. hole exactly apposite the existing hole with a small drift (I used a small Brad with the tip clipped off). I made a template from a 3 X 5 card.

Then I decided to break into the other piece to see what was going on.

I drilled out the 6 plate attachment points. These were not rivets, but part of the casting.

Don't do this. It destroy the lock.

The problem is in part, wear and slop at the pivot. I tightened it by using a punch on the six plate attachment points and also dented the plate above the pivot. (I replaced the lock mechanism with a bolt and nut to hold the plate on for the semi-destroyed latch).

This is a partial fix. It does hold the latch closed, but just.

I found a pet tag at True Value Hardware-2 In disk – 1 mm thick. I used it to cut shims to to attach to the latch.

I used Lock-Tite Super Glue. In this case I glued it to far to the right. I had to file the edge of the shim so that it didn't stick out beyond the edge of the piece I glued it to.

One of the 4 latches had a bump which I had to file flat in order to glue the shim.

This is the fixed Latch.

Reattach it 1/8th inch pop rivets. It takes 2 different lengths.

Real Janet Kagan,BMW Menu