Halloween, 1999

The Goblination of the Runt:

A Cautionary Tale for Kittens & Kids

translated from Cat & Pumpkin by Janet Kagan
Old granpa Jack O'Lantern

This is what happened to the Runt one sunny Halloween afternoon.

Granpa Jack O'Lantern tells this tale to all the kittens in our neighborhood:

Oh, you little kittens, BEWARE!

Runt sniffs the pumpkinYou may sniff a pumpkin to admire it.


You may even step lightly onto a pumpkin to admire it more closely.

Runt steps delicately onto the pumpkin to sniff further

But, oh, you little kittens!---you must never, never, NEVER---

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photos & text © 1999 Janet Kagan