Ricky Kagan's Garlic Roast Chicken

"---A recipe for a day the cook is feeling lazy."

Cooking time, from into the oven to onto the table, 2 hours precisely.

Here's all you need:

  • 1 or 2 large fryers (around four lbs each)
  • soy sauce (Ricky uses double black)
  • "Great Garlic chopped in soy bean oil"
  • a roasting pan with a rack
  • Here's all you need do:

  • unwrap the chicken(s) and remove the giblets and extra fat
  • place the chicken(s) on the rack in the roasting pan
  • rub the chicken(s) all over with soy sauce
  • rub the chicken(s) all over with chopped garlic in oil---lots and lots!
  • lay the giblets along the front of the roasting pan
  • put the whole thing into the oven and turn it up to 400 degrees!
  • (Yes, I understand that sounds too high to you, but what we're aiming for here is crispy brown skin...and you'll love the aroma as it cooks. Oh, and for gorgeous presentation, start and end with the chicken(s) breast up.

  • after half an hour, turn the chicken(s) over and remove the smaller giblets because they're done
  • put the chicken(s) back in and snack on chicken liver
  • after another half an hour, you should probably snatch out the rest of the giblets and the neck(s), but leave the bird(s) alone
  • after another half an hour, turn the chicken(s) over again
  • after another half an hour, they're done! Take them out and serve them!
  • (So, if you want to serve them at 6:30, get them in the oven at 4:30, first turn at 5:00, second turn at 6:00, and serve at 6:30.)

    Ricky adds, "You'd better warn them this is a great lazy meal except for cleaning the roasting pan...but that comes afterwards." I say, Let it soak in the sink over night. The cats like garlic-roast-chicken water almost as much as they like garlic roast chicken, and the roasting pan's a snap to clean the next day.


    © 2003 by Eric Kagan (who says feel free to repost it if you like the result, as long as you leave his name attached, so your troop know who loves them...and as long as you let us know if you whip up a tasty variation we should try!)

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