The dreaded vampire cat of NJplease give blood!

Gentle fans of mine,

My mom was 4' 10 1/2" tall (technically she was not a "Little Person"). I'm the runt of her litter (4' 11-3/4"). I've never found my height a handicap (a bother, yes, when it comes to getting books from the top shelf, but not a handicap)...except in one instance....

I don't weigh enough to donate blood.

Nurses at blood drives shake their heads sadly and turn me away.

If you do weigh enough and if you like my writing enough to say thanks, please say thanks by giving blood!

Thank you for listening,


P.S. Ricky reminds me that the Red Cross no longer gives you orange juice and a cookie when you donate blood. Tell you what I'm gonna do---when you give blood, drop me an e-mail to say so---include your street-mail address and I'll send you a homemade postcard of one of my photos and a personal thank you! What say, do we have a deal?

P.P.S. The vampire cat of NJ is dreaded because he loves full sun and garlic roast chicken <g>.

P.P.P.S. I made the "Give Blood" gif using Kees Gajentaan's terrific "Ill-October 98" dingbat font. He gives it away for free (along with a whole slew of other great fonts) at HYBRIDspace. (And, while you're there, check out his artwork...!)


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