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 Janet Kagan's Opinionated, 2005

These are keepers---and I've decided to put the ones I've re-read first.


Notions: Unlimited, by Robert Sheckley. [35 cents from Bantam Books, June 1960. Special note to lovers of linguistic sf---"The Language of Love."]

Attack of the Jazz Giants and Other Stories, by Gregory Frost; Golden Gryphon Press; Urbana, Illinois; hc; 2005. [Oooh, and a brand new story, too!]

The Player on the Other Side, by Ellery Queen. [My pb copy is priced at 50 cents---and the "Ellery Queen" in this case was Theodore Sturgeon. I'm pretty sure it's still in print. <g>.]

The Serpent's Egg, by Caroline Stevermer: Ace Books, NY; pb; 1988

The Goblin Reservation, by Clifford D. Simak; DAW, NY; pb; 1982; © 1968

The Heyday of Natural History 1820-1870, by Lynn Barber; Doubleday and Company, Inc.; Garden City, NY; hc; 1980 [non-fiction and a real page-turner]

The Devil Is Dead, by R.A. Lafferty; Avon, pb, 1971

Huon of the Horn, by Andre Norton; Ace, pb, 1951

The Saint Intervenes, by Leslie Charteris; McFadden, pb, © 1934 [I pulled this one out of all the other Saint books because I had to reread "The Uncritical Publisher." Simon Templar kept this innocent child out of the hands of scammers who prey on baby writers, bless him forever.] 


Attack of the Jazz Giants and Other Stories, by Gregory Frost: Golden Gryphon, hc, 2005

Sister Water, by Nancy Willard: Ivy Books (Ballantine), pb, 1993

Eleven Karens, by Peter Lefcourt; Simon & Schuster, hc, 2003

Hex and the City, by Simon R. Green; Ace Fantasy, pb, 2005

Old Man's War, by John Scalzi; Tor, hc, 2005

The Librarian, by Larry Beinhart; Nation Books/Avalon Publishing Group, NY, tpb, '04

The Language of Power, by Rosemary Kirstein; Del Rey/Random House, tpb, '04 [best you read her first three first, but this one's a special sing-out to fans of linguistic sf because I've never seen anything like this done before!]

Crossing the Line, by Karen Traviss; HarperCollins EOS, pb, '04 [read her City of Pearl first, tho]

Dead Witch Walking, by Kim Harrison; HarperTorch/HarperCollins, pb, '04 

Florence of Arabia, by Christopher Buckley; Random House, hc, '04

Rose Daughter, by Robin McKinley; Ace, pb, 1998

Confidence Game, by Michelle M. Welch; Bantam Spectra, pb, '03


The Pearly Gates of Cyberspace: A History of Space from Dante to the Internet, by Margaret Wertheim; Norton, tpb, © '99

Parasite Rex, by Carl Zimmer; Touchstone/Simon & Schuster, tpb, '01

How To Write a Mystery, by Larry Beinhart; Ballantine Books, NY, tpb © 1996


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