Dandelions now!

7 October 07: Whatever happened to Janet Kagan?

  1. Her three remaining cats ate her and, because she was too much to eat and much too rich, they upchucked her remains on what was once her favorite rug;
  2. Between her second and third case of Lyme disease, she was diagnosed as (also) having severe emphysema and, because she took the diagnosis badly and she's still pissed that she has to take all these damn drugs, many of which are worse than the disease was before the doctor looked at the x-ray and said, "I can't believe you're mobile!" (Oh, wait! You make housecalls, Doctor Fell? How is it I didn't know that?)
  3. Chipmunks are for practice and entertainment only. I am either out of practice or in want of entertainment. Now that I think about it, the boys are right on both counts.

Off-site Oddments. Where I go to get picked-up when I'm down.

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  • The Silly Sleeping Pose Olympics --- (Christy Marx) new address

    23 April 07:

    Copies of the '98 edition of HELLSPARK may still be had


    but not for long, apparently. Get 'em while they last.

    18 April 07: A toast---

    to Richard Harding Davis (18 April 1864-11 April 1916)

    and to James H. Schmitz (15 Oct 1911-18 April 1981)---

    a birth and a death.

    May we too, between those turning points,

    bring such unexpected joy.


    1 April 07: Welcome to the world, Ava Margret!

    I give you the obligatory: 8 lbs, 4 oz. The whole meshpucha is doing fine and great-aunt Janet keeps bursting into laughter. This is the only kid in the family in remembered history to arrive on schedule, which makes her officially the best April fool's joke ever.

    17 March 07: Sing out to two of my favorite leprechauns, Melissa and Meredith!

    8 December 2006: Two gifts...

    I have two gifts for you, both of which came to me by e-mail, neither of which I'd ever have expected to receive (even though I asked for one of them).

    "The Man with the Sign" is the (almost complete) lyric that Sheldon Harnick wrote to the tune of John Philip Sousa's "The Stars and Stripes Forever." The how-this-happened is here, though I still can't quite believe it happened. Thank you, MA!

    "The Man with the Sign," the best anthem to free speech I have ever heard, is here. Thank you, Sheldon Harnick!


    The Thicket Theater is the journal of a zookeeper who takes stunning photos of the animals in his/her care and who tells wonderful anecdotes about them and about zookeeping as well. Do not miss how to tickle a slow loris out of its dish so you can change the dish, the baby porcupine that dances with brooms, the young tom ocelot who can't quite figure it out (NSFW, if your boss is an ocelot), and the turtles and the fruit bats and the leopards and the bears and....

    This is not for the faint of heart. Sometimes they lose animals and they always have to muck out the enclosures. But, oh, there are so many things here I need to know that I didn't know I needed to know and the photos are just plain amazing. Thank you, ungulata! 

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