8 December 06

Janet Kagan's Wishlist

Nosiness is a professional hazard for writers. Sometimes I have to ask. You, of course, don't have to answer. Maybe there isn't an answer. Maybe there's a glimmer of an answer. Maybe one of you might be so intrigued by my nosy question that you'll be the one to find the answer years after I'm gone....

Most of these questions will be idle curiosity rather than something I'm trying to track down for a specific story I'm writing, so I can't promise you a dedication or even an acknowledgement for answering or for pointing me toward an answer. On the other hand, all writers thrive on input, so if your answer or your interesting comment or counter-question inspires me to a story, I'll tip one of my eccentric hats in your direction when next I can.

Oh, and (if you say it's okay) I'll post the answers I get here. Who knows? You might inspire some other writer to commit story as well!


04 Feb 05: "The Man with the Sign" by Sheldon Harnick

Sheldon Harnick was once commissioned to write a lyric to John Philip Sousa's "The Stars and Stripes Forever." He wrote "The Man with the Sign" which was the single best anthem to free speech I have ever heard. As I remember the narration, this proved too radical for the folks who'd commissioned it, so it was never sung until this PBS show....

Wow! Got an answer!


04 Feb 05: Is there an ornithologist in the house?

A wide variety of birds steal from the catfood plates I put out on the back porch. The bluejays land on the porch and both feet off the ground at the same time---hop, hop, hop---to the plate. The starlings, though, land on the porch and strut---left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot---to the plate... Wow! Got an answer!

Got an answer for me?

If my name were Tocohl Susumo, you could e-mail me at tocohl@tocohlsusumo.com

Oh, and my name is Janet Kagan.

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