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  • Writer Beware!
  • Preditors [sic] and Editors
  • The Rumor Mill
  • Behind the Name
  • SFWA: On the Craft of Writing
  • New Scientist
  • nature science update home
  • voices of reason

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  • The Journalist's Toolbox
  • Fairness & Accuracy in Media
  • political stuff

  • Roll Call Online
  • Political Site of the Day
  • Unknown News
  • democracymeansyou
  • See here!


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  • Bork!
  • Open Directory Project
  • Librarians' Index to the Internet
  • en.wikipedia
  • Google Scholar - Beta
  • Google News - Beta
  • You keep your hands on the table where I can see them!


  • Guardian Unlimited
  • Centers for Disease Control
  • World Health Organization
  • SF Gate
  • Rotten Tomatoes
  • Internet Movie Database
  • urban legends, hoaxes, scams

    magical mystery surf

  • WebCollage
  • regular checks 

     funnies & idle amusements

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  • Iwo Jima - the picture
  • The History of Women in Photojournalism
  • Photojournalism Ethics, Lester

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