as of 20 Oct 05

All of the CatStuff Links

Some of these sites are funny every time I need cheering, some are only funny once, and some are instructive (tho maybe only to me).... Your mileage may vary.

I keep meaning to sort these into loose categories but I still haven't gotten around to it. So sue me <g>.

  • Calico Cats Admit Fear of the Attorney General
  • Beware Calicos!
  • Clan of the Cats
  • Cats with Hands
  • Cat Scan!
  • Mr. Sass A. Frass's Correspondance School of Ninja (gone? oh, no!)
  • Live Nude Cats
  • Bonsai Kitten
  • Gallery of Disarmingly Cute Cat Photos
  • Cat Adoption, Russian Style
  • Cat Whisker Digest
  • Cat House
  • I gave my cat an enema!
  • B5 Cat Characters
  • The Cat to English Dictionary
  • Cats are from Mars
  • Cat Gallery
  • Tomato Nation
  • Cat Specialist Group
  • The Freddie Street Cats
  • IC Stars Observatory Cats
  • The Quest for the Catman
  • Catman - Boston Globe
  • madcats
  • My Cat Hates You
  • US Patent 5,443,036 ??
  • CatStuff - Cat Graphics and More
  • Misty - Secret Agent Cat
  • The Yule Cat
  • Our Cats and Veterinarian
  • Cat Users' Manual
  • Garfield of Dreams (myfavUrbanLegend)
  • kitty_02
  • Hallmarks of Felinity
  • Hallmarks of Felinity (even more)
  • It's looking toward your hand (flash)
  • maneki-neko clock
  • Random Kitten Generator
  • Flo Control
  • Chez Fungus
  • The Moggy Horde
  • Litterbox-punkrockcats (flash)
  • Coonyham Maine Coons
  • trapped cat broadcasts distress call
  • CLAW: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  • Winged Cats: What are they?
  • moggycat
  • ketamine - NOT!

  • Understanding Anesthesia for Cats
  • The Ketamine Konundrum
  • mine own

    The Goblination of the Runt: A Cautionary Tale for Kittens and Kids


      Dandelions now!

      Real Janet Kagan

    Standing in the Spirit



    1st Woman

     James H. Schmitz

     opinionated '05, '04

     Love Our Lockwood

    John Randolph, the Actor

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     The Goblination of the Runt