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14 January 2005: Friday Night Cat Blogging

Can anybody tell me who started the "Friday Night Cat Blogging" meme and how long ago that was and how wide-spread the phenomenon is these days? I grin every time I happen across somebody who Friday-Night-Cat-Blogs.

Today I had to clutch my breast and hold my heart and hope that my new cd reader/burner could/would read the cds I burned years ago. The first one checked out okay, so here's my Friday Night Cat Blogging. With a big whew! I give you tiny Audrey from May of '95.

[One down, all too many old cds to be checked yet. Wish me luck.] For those of you who can read all sorts of data from a webpage, as far as I'm concerned, this is still Friday because I haven't slept yet. I'm still flu-y and I'll sleep when I can sleep without drowning.

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