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6 January 2005: NEWS OFF

Make what donations you can afford to those groups you've found you can trust to help those people who are in deep need. Do that and you've helped. Do that six months from now and you'll help. Do that two years from now and you'll help.

Now turn off the tv and radio news and stop surfing the net for tourist videos of the tsunami. Neither you nor I can throw a line to those being swept away in those videos...and it does a soul no good to feel helpless. That feeling of helplessness may blind you to the person next to you or down the block who needs you to throw them a line right now, where you can throw them a line and you can pull them to safety.

Off-site and Tasty:

In case you're wondering how I could possibly bring up food in this context.... I have Lyme disease induced anorexia; I weigh 72 lbs when I should weigh 105. Bad news puts me off eating, so pulling up a bunch of cheerful (or totally silly) food links may get me to eat something extra this evening.

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