24 Dec 01

Elves come in all sizes...

Usually I'm the one taking the photos but last night we had the new digital camera to play with. While I went wild trimming the tree with Rachel, everybody else went wild with the camera, so, just this once, I'm in the pictures with Rachel---yay!

"The chains go on first...."


"Because that way you don't knock the rest of the ornaments off the tree when you put the chains on."


(She was asking and that seemed a reasonable explanation to her.)

Rachel loved the purple glass bead chain best, probably because it's the longest. When I opened the bag and poured it out into her hands, she laughed and laughed. This chain is so long it will go around the tree four or five times, from bottom to top. Rachel hung it around the bottom and up as far as she could reach, then I hung some further up, then Rachel's grandma took over...and then we handed it off to Richard, our official tree-topper and favorite tallest person, who strung it all the way to the top.

 Elves come in all sizes...but they're always cute and they're often bashful.

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