Walk-by Wash - posted 3 Feb 05

Walk-By Wash

[From my files---May '95]

The kittens were asleep in a huge heap. Spence, in the spiffy striped coat, had fallen asleep with his head drooped off the chair. He was in no danger of pouring himself onto the floor because there were so many other kittens asleep atop his haunches that their combined weight held him safely in place.

 Garbo washes all of Spence that's hanging off the chair

Mama Garbo came in the window and, on her way through the living room, she walked past the chair full of kittens. There she found nephew Spence's drooped head and forepaws in her line of sight. She paused en route to give every bit of Spence that hung over the edge of the chair a comprehensive washing.

Audrey wakes but Spence doesn't

Audrey woke (because of the sonic autofocus on my old camera, I think) but Spence slept through the entire scrubbing.

The photo I didn't get:

...Some five minutes later, Mama Pansy came in the window and, following the same route through the living room, came upon the drooped Spence and scrubbed his head and paws just as comprehensively. Nope, she didn't wake him either!


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