The End of August, '00

Found Art, a Suburban Objet

On the way to my camera shop one afternoon, we spotted this delightful sight alongside the highway. The town was installing new water pipes and here and there a new hydrant. I guess they didn't want anybody to think they were a source of water for fire-fighting until they actually were, but Ricky & I took one look & simultaneously dubbed it "Christo's fire-hydrant."

Wasn't till the end of August that I had a lovely sunny day and I found a safe place to pull over so I could shoot half a dozen photos of it. My timing was startling: the next time I passed, the hydrant had been unwrapped <g>.

Christo's fire-hydrant"Christo's fire-hydrant"

Christo's fire-hydrant

"Christo's fire-hydrant," looking toward the highway

Ssssh! Don't tell Christo. I take it he has no sense of humor. He squelched one of the funniest cards I ever saw in my life.... The front was a simple but lovely drawing of a Christmas tree wrapped up in paper. Inside, it said, "Merry Christo!" I laugh every time I think about it &, to this day, I'm sorry I didn't see the card in time to buy one for myself.

Oh, & here's the capper to the joke. When I picked up this roll of film from my developer, I was asked who the artist was. They all thought the fire-hydrant was the last of the umpteen rolls I'd shot at Grounds for Sculpture! Perfect! Ahahahahaha!

[21 Feb 05: This is the page I posted sometime in 2001 (I think). As much as I'd like to rewrite it completely, I haven't the energy. Please take it as-was. Thanks.]


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