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22 Dec 04:

The Goblination of the Runt

Who knew that the most missed pages would be a Hallowe'en posting? Okay, I've done a quick repost of The Goblination of the Runt for Pam A, She of the Good Cat Advice and of the Beautiful Rabbits and of the Glorious Tangerines. Pam, sorry the photos are so small. I tend to think that only my extended family reads this stuff. So many of them are still on dial-up, I try to keep the pictures to something they can manage. Maybe it's time I checked 'round again to see who's upgraded. Could be I can upsize the photos now. (But, since I'd have to rescan all those old photos, don't expect anything bigger 'til Spring springs, if then!)

The Goblination of the Runt won't link from every page yet, so if you lose it, go to the catstuff link page to find it again.


Navigation on my website has always been peculiar. I blame it on metaphor. We have lived for over thirty years on a street that is two blocks long---one block of which is one-way going the wrong way. Worse, we live in a map-spoiled area. On many maps (including those of the town engineer), we're surrounded on every side by imaginary streets and the street we live on continues past our house over a very steep incline. Okay, it's a cliff. I can walk down with the cats if I'm careful of my footing, but you sure wouldn't want to drive down it, even if it were paved.

We're forever explaining to delivery folks that, "No, your map won't work. You can't get here from there." (Here being straight up the cliff from there.) And, "We're the last house on the left and, if you miss us, it'll be dramatic."

Repostings On Site

The Goblination of the Runt, 'cause Pam asked for it.

"San-ta" photos (of Ricky, of course):

  • Nice
  • Naughty
  • Hohoho---The place was a dive. The hour was late. There were no munchkins. Consider this Ricky's one contribution to the Santarchy clause---ooops, cause.

These just in...

Pam A also sent me Tree Decorating 101. (This proves us right in sticking to a traditional balsam---adult cats can't get that high on the little bendy branches of a real tree.) A scant two days later, Martina G sent me the perfect song to go with Pam's link. I'll post it on my site and hope somebody'll come by and tell me who wrote it.

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