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21 Dec 04:

Poor Ricky is always being mistaken for someone else.

Drag queens flirt with their beloved Grizzly Adams, and Deadheads demand to see his hands so they can check for Jerry Garcia's missing fingertip.

Ricky, being the easy-going sort, treats this all with equanimity. Who knew Grizzly Adams was so beloved by drag queens? Wonder why?

He's taken to responding to the Deadheads by holding up his hands with one fingertip bent down. Sometimes he even gets the right fingertip <g>.

Once, in a local Portuguese restaurant, the waiter brought us a bottle of champagne "for Jerry Garcia, compliments of that table over there." I blurted out to that table over there, "But he's not!" They assured me they knew that, "But it's Tom's birthday and we're all Deadheads and we have to do it." So Ricky toasted the birthday boy, tucking the proper fingertip, and made his evening.

Those are the easy ones to be mistaken for. But, oh, poor Ricky once the Christmas season kicks in---

He's Santa.

Just after Thanksgiving, we were eating at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants. We were well tucked into sizzling eel and Peking porkchops when, behind me, I heard a small voice say, "San-ta," in a way that let me know the kid was using a brand new word. She was sure she'd gotten it right, too, by golly.

Ricky smiled and waved to the small child behind me, eliciting both small child and momma giggles.

Throughout the rest of our dinner, every so often, the small child said again and again, oh so happily, "San-ta."

Ricky smiled and waved back to her every time.

That was the official start of our Christmas season. Oh, yes, I'm "Mrs. Claus" and everybody who sees the two of us together knows that. So both of us are expected to set a good example. This time of year, Ricky and I both worry about our table manners.

Christmas starts earlier every year now. Damn, but it's tough to be on your best behavior any time there's a munchkin in sight! One of these days, I've got to remember Santarchy and SantaCon in time to take Ricky along. For once a Christmas season, he wouldn't have to be on his best behavior.

Offsite Oddments: Santa Stuff

  • Santarchy (Not Safe For Kids)
  • Bad, bad Santas: Teresa Nielsen Hayden gives us some of the long tradition behind Santas on their worst behavior. (NSFK)
  • Norad Santa Tracking---This just tickles me. Yes, this one is kid-safe, so you have something to show a munchkin who wondered why you were cracking up over the Santarchy photos.

Onsite Repostings [Edited 12/29/04, so you can see San-ta from here:]

"San-ta" photos (of Ricky, of course):

  • Nice
  • Naughty
  • Hohoho---The place was a dive. The hour was late. There were no munchkins. Consider this Ricky's one contribution to the Santarchy clause---ooops, cause. 
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