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27 May 05: I before e except after c---


Yup, I'm running a fever. I will take aspirin until my ears ring and then I will put myself to bed once again and hope I can sleep 'til dawn.

If you're up at this hour too, please join our recipe testers.

Ricky cooks by guess and by golly, and by golly that tastes just fine! A far-flung friend asked for his recipe for stir-fried beef with black bean and tomato, so he made it and tried to say what went in and how much while I scribbled notes and tried to judge his whumps and his sloshes without messing with my dinner. Here's the recipe we're still tweaking, with links to photos of the progress. (Sorry, we're not much into presentation when it's just the two of us, and the photos were taken on the second tweaking, so the beef got overcooked that time, so don't DO that! <g>) Hey, it got me this great photo of Ricky at his wok, so I'm happy.

Off-site Oddments:

I found this quite by accident. I've no idea how accurate or how inclusive it is---all I can say is that I found something I've been trying to track down for ages. Maybe you will too.

I dunno what I've got but probably I'll live. And so to bed.

15 May 05: Whaddaya mean I "missed" National Poetry Month?

Who makes this sh*t up? How could anybody limit poetry to a single month? Even if they never open a book, don't they know that song lyrics are poetry?

No way I could get thru a day without a poem (or lyric) or two or.... Hell, I keep a book* of poetry within hand's reach when I research on the net, to read while I wait for that slow page to load. If the webpage turns out to be faster than I expected, the webpage can wait 'til I finish reading (or re-reading) the poem.

Who gets through a day without poetry? "National Poetry Month," pfui. What a stupid, stupid idea!

That ranted, I wish I'd been out and about on "Poem in Your Pocket Day" to see if anybody actually had a poem to swap for mine. I used to carry a lot of poems in my head, but what with my Lyme-fried memory these days, I printed one out in case I got out. As I didn't get out, I think I'll keep that one in my pocket until I find somebody else who missed the "official" day and is equally stubborn about such things.

Here's a poem I've had in my pocket for forty years now: George Starbuck's Prognosis. In those forty years, only the names have changed.

I can't believe George Starbuck's work is out of print. I can't believe how little there is about him on line. I can't believe I'm still ranting---but, if George Starbuck is unknown and his work is out of print, it's because of those damn fools who think poetry happens only one month a year or, worse, only one day a year. They're probably the same damn fools who think that signing a loyalty oath means you're loyal.

Off-site On George Starbuck:

Not likely I could ever find or afford a copy of Elegy in a Churchyard but Renner's description grabbed me; maybe there's a library somewhere with a copy they'd let me see. As for McHenry? Bless 'im. I never caught the acrostic in "A Tapestry for Bayeux" (a poem I must have read a hundred times or more in forty years) and I never knew about George Starbuck and the loyalty oath before either.

* "I keep a book of poetry within hand's reach," she said. <face/palm> I just counted and found fourteen books of poetry. Time to re-shelve them before the piles topple or a cat has a hairball on one of them. George Starbuck's Bone Thoughts stays in my desk drawer though, where the cats can't get at it but where I can.

8 May 05: You know I'm way behind when I post my "Friday Night Cat Blogging" a week later on a Sunday.

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