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3 January 2006:

Here's to us, my darling, my dear,
Here's to us tonight---
Not for what might happen next year,
For that might not be nearly as bright.
But here's to us for better or worse
And for thanks to a merciful star
Skies of blue and muddling through
And for me and for you as we are.
And here's to us for nothing at all!
If there's nothing at all, we can praise
Just that we're together and here
For the rest of our beautiful days...
Here's to us for ever and always!
---Carolyn Leigh
"Here's To Us"
Little Me

This space held for something like an explanation.

Meanwhile, you should know that Cy Coleman wrote the music for Little Me and that the version of this song that I've played on New Year's Eve ever since I first heard it back in the early 'sixties comes from the original cast recording and is sung by Nancy Andrews. New Year's Day, I've been known to play the entire album twice over, because I love it. Every year, "Here's To Us" means even more to me.

If you were here, I'd sit you down and I'd play "Here's To Us" for you. You're not here, so this is the best I can do. Happy New Year, my darlings, my dears, and...

Here's to us for ever and always...!


27 Sept 05: Still sick...

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