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31 October 2006: Happy Halloween!

I didn't have time to make a new Halloween card, so I'm reposting this from way back when because I'm still terribly fond of it. That year I not only carved a regulation jack-o'-lantern but I also carved a half dozen "baby jax": itty bitty pumpkins of all colors. Cousin Zach was inspired to stack them. He made it happen.

27 October 2006: Octobertest

I look up and I've missed another holiday. There's all too much going on here and I'm not sure this is working yet. I'm going to make this quick and I'm going to keep it light.

Yikes! Stop with the rocking horse sentences right now, Janet!

I love Halloween. I grew up, in the fifties, in a family that spent most of every October planning, then crayoning, sewing, sawing, painting, taping, cobbling, and electrifying our costumes. God, we had such fun!

While I go carve this year's jack-o'-lantern, I'll pass you these off-site links, all of which make me happy in a very little kid way this month:

Off-site, -Owe'en

  • Burghal Design, because her "Vamp" font is purely perfect with pumpkins and jack-o'-lanterns alike and I think it's still on sale if you act quickly!
  • Imperial Klingon Pumpkin, via Boing-Boing. "The words 'klingon', 'ferengi' and for all I know the word 'pumnpkin' are registered trademarks of paramount etc. This is just a bit of fun." Yes, fun indeed and everyone should have a pet targ.
  • Simple pop-ups you can make from Robert Sabuda. There are pop-up here for many holidays, including three for Halloween: a witch, a bat and a Frankenstein. (Minor note: I think it's easier to color them before you paste them.)

I saved the best for last---

18 July 2006: ...testing, testing, testing...

13 February 2006: Snow. Yes!

I'm delighted and I'm ever so relieved. I thought we'd never get any. I'm too sick to go outside to play but the snow is beautiful to see even through windows.

If I wasn't going outside, the cats weren't either---except for Sooty Red. Red still sees himself as the (late) Yeep's soldierly second louie. Every so often, throughout the snowfall, Red went out to break a trail all the way around the house, from the back porch door to the cat window on the opposite side of the living room. Luckily, there's a good lip to the gutters and we didn't get much drifting, so the snow was only up to his chest, not over his head. He's still breaking trail today, through the clumps of snow that slide off the roof in the sunlight. I salute him for his devotion to duty... and I give him lots of garlic roast chicken when he comes back in.

Dandelion, bored out of his skull because I wouldn't go out and play in the snow with him, finally caught and ate that mouse that he's been saving under the living room cabinets for a snowy day. He was so pleased with himself that he let several of the others, including his arch-rival, Cyrano de Velvet, play with the carcase before he took it back to eat it. (I was so pleased, I gave Dandelion a bit of shrimp for dessert. That rodent has been annoying the hell out of me for over a month.)

All in all, a very satisfying snow.

I've been obsessing about the forsythia, but that's another story.

Off-site, on topic: Go to Pete Green's page, where he'll give you an mp3 of his song, "Everything's Dead Pretty When It Snows." I've been singing and humming this song to myself at odd times ever since first I heard it---and I love it even more now that we've gotten a real snowfall.

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