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05 May '08

Janet died March 01, 2008.

I will probably be uploading some unplublished works in the future.

There is also some added comments on the Dandelion Now page.

I will write more later. -- Ricky

07 Nov '11
I have added Fermat's Best theorem
I also am adding some BMW R75/5 info of my own


23 April '07: Copies of the '98 edition of HELLSPARK may still be had ---

 If you're looking for the Janet Kagan who wrote Hellspark, Mirabile and Uhura's Song (#21 of the "Classic" Star Trek novels), you've found her. If you're looking for the Janet Megson you went to high school or college with (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth), you've found her, too.
If you're looking for the Janet Kagan who works in tv (of late, most notably, on Will and Grace), you have not found her. I've always wondered if she got as many queries about writing Star Trek novels as I got about writing for Seinfeld.
If you're looking for the Janet Kagan who got a Hugo for Best Novelette of '93 (for "The Nutcracker Coup"), you've found her.

If my name were Tocohl Susumo, you could e-mail me at
"Get it?" "Got it." "Good."
edit 18 Apr 07: *sigh* The spammers have found me. Could you please
put a title or a character's name in your subject line so I won't miss your missive?

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